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Coaches will be giving points on a 1- 5 scale and in some cases half points will be given...5 being the highest and 1 the lowest. Every child will make a team! 

Remember team placement is first done by AGE!  You may be allowed to cross to a higher team.  It is possible that a team member will be placed on a team even if they do not have the tumbling skill necessary...this usually happens if we are in need of a flyer/base/back spot. We are allowed to take only a certain number of team members without a specific skill.  We must stay in the high range on the Varsity scoresheet, so not everyone will get this opportunity....again it is based upon what the team needs to be successful.


 All team members and their parents are required to read the policy guide in its entirety

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Here is the reopening protocol regarding the Covid-19 virus.  A more specific list can be requested by emailing

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Take a look at the class options for Maine Stars to decide what works best for your child/children.

Email Coach Lori with your additional questions -

icon Class Schedule for June 2020

These slots were developed based upon past members who are slots will be offered if necessary.

Email Coach Lori - and let her know your tumbling level and she will slot you in

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Forms - 1 to 7 of 7