Maine Stars offers the following classes at the gym...Check the calendar and click the specific day to see the exact times!  Extra classes sometimes incur a fee.  It will be noted if this is the case.

Level 1 tumbling - Class is designed for students who are at the beginning level of tumbling...for those students who want to learn a back handspring.

Level 2  tumbling - Class is designed for students with a back handspring with progression to a tuck.

Level 3 tumbling -  Class is designed for students with a solid round off tuck, or round off back handspring tuck with progression to a layout.

Level 4 tumbling -  Class is designed for students with a round off back handspring layout with progression to a  full.

Level 5/6 tumbling -  Class is designed for students with all of the above-listed skills Level 1-4 who also have a full-twisting layout.

Cost for tumbling:   Tumbling is charged per session/ Summer/Fall/Winter and is based upon the number of classes in a month on a particular day.

Stretch and Flex Class - Class is designed for all members to work strength and is part of your monthly tuition. Flyers must attend at least one stretch class a week, however the more the better!

Open Gym - $5 - From time to time this class will be offered.  It is an unstructured use of the gym...all levels.  Instructors are on hand to supervise all members and assist when necessary!

Creative stunting - $10 - Our girls love to stunt..this is where we allow them to create innovative stunts with one another.  it will be supervised by our coaches!

Glow night party - $10 - We have from time to time a fun night for the girls/boys to dress in neon and white and have fun under black lights...of course with their favorite music playing!  Members and non-members of Maine Stars are welcome to attend.

Jump class - $5 - New this year...more to follow, but it is designed to improve your jumps!

Team stunting class - Class is designed and is mandatory for all of our traveling and prep team competitors. You will be made aware of specific dates in advance!